Josh Keogh M2 6'6

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Joshua Keogh Surfboards M2 Twin 6'6 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2

Purple double sided tinted lamination and twin fin futures fin boxes. 

Joshua Keogh initially designed this board to fill the gap between his shorter fish and longer channel bottom twins. So, it shares the features that give the speed to the Monad but the rails, rocker and overall foil have been adapted from aspects that he has learned with the longer channel bottoms.

Something that he also learnt with the Monad is that in order to liven up a board, you need to have all these features intersecting the same area of the board, under the back foot: a straighter longer outline combined with and accelerated tail rocker with a hip or exaggerated curve in the outline.

Now you got speed that combined with the vee, gives a solid support under the back foot, gives the opportunity to easily roll from rail to rail while maintaining all of the elements forward of the fins, which provides effortless speed and glide.