MC Reverse Vee 6'9

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Maurice Cole Surfboards Reverse Vee 6'9 x 20 x 2 7/8. 

New Reverse Vee project launched between Maurice Cole and Tom Curren. 

"First thing I picked up on was how beautifully the rv “felt” its way into waves. I put this down to the vee’s straightening effect on the front foot or so of the rail rocker. It meant that when you paddled into a wave, specially on a slight angle, the rail would instantly engage and draw the board into the wave with very little effort from the rider. A lot of modern boards, especially concave-built, will sorta catch a little bit of water on that front rail in a takeoff thanks to the rocker curve, and it takes a tiny moment to shake the board loose and find speed. The rv had none of that, it rolls in from the outset with great ease and immediately puts a surfer into the driver’s seat."

"It doesn’t build to crazy speed off the inside back edge like a deep concave, instead it holds speed from any point on the wave to any other point. This makes it fantastic to surf at a range of angles, it loves to be surfed vertically off the wave base and feels really calm when surfed tight to the pocket and in steepening parts of the wave. I found those qualities especially shone when surfing backside and/or in bowly waves with a curve coming back at you from the shoulder, both these boards love to run that curve and set into it for big carving moves, fades and shorter snappy type ripping turns."

Round pin tail and Futures thruster set-up. Double side electric blue tinted lamination.