V.Bowls 8'0

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Love Machine Surfboards V.Bowls  8'0” x 22” x 3”  54.25L.

Volan bottom cutlap and clear deck with black logos and white single fin box.

Arguably the design that this all sprung up from; not for everyone but for those who click with the v.Bowls - nothing else compares. A looseness and roll off the back half of the board that is irreplaceable, trim speed to spare up front and foiled rails that are the stuff of legend at this point.

The original length v.Bowls, 8’ is an irreplaceable size for the design. Knee-high and peeling to roping head high point waves, the v.Bowls provides a pivotal design in the California alt-quiver. Reworked a thousand times over and too many ways to explain in one caption; The 8’ has held its own and keeps providing that addictive and irreplaceable ball-bearing feeling off the back of the board. The triplane variation gives the same super-loose sensation and butter-knife trim, while providing a quicker-planing hull shape. Paddles like a board 1’ longer, surfs like a board 1’ shorter!