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    Rhino Laminating are by far the best glassers I have ever used. Their quality and attention to detail is second to none. Juan and his team are always striving to do things better. Nothing is ever a problem for them. I feel very proud to say that I use them as they are very highly regarded by everyone in the industry.



    All our boards are glassed at Rhino. They do the best laminating jobs in Australia and probably some of the best in the world too! I can rely on them and be sure my customers will be getting the best quality boards possible.



    Rhino Laminating has got to be the best quality in Oz. From super light team glassing to full tilt pimped tint polished work. They do it all !!! I'm privileged to be working along side of the best glassers and sanders in Australia! Thanx for making my job that much easier. See you in the bay!



    Glassing Bonzers takes extra time and patience. Truth be told they can be a hassle, but the guys at Rhino have willingly taken on the Bonzer project. Rhino's first rate quality, attention to detail in both construction and cosmetics, such as resin tints, polishing and airbrushing will give the Bonzer an opportunity to shine in Australia.