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6’6” x 20 3/4” x 2 3/4” 41.2"L

Can you call a 6’6 a midlength? I’m on the fence, and this one begs the question for sure. If you ask me, this 6’6” leans to the aggressive side a little too much to land in the pure ‘midlength’ category, but still has plenty of volume to keep you cruising when your wings are toast after 6 hours in the water.

As larger designs like the FM shrink, I try to re-design towards the strengths of a board’s actual size vs. scaling something just to keep it’s namesake - At 6’6” this FM is much sleeker in outline and tuned up for back-foot surfing. The spiral-vee is slid back and runs a little bit out the tail, so it’ll keep more planing speed off the front foot and sit deeper in the pocket, working more vertically than it’s larger counterparts. If you’re coming from a shortboard background or are starting to push your 6’9 FM into some hairy situations and want even more out of the board; This is the one.

Very well suited for travel. The rails are a bit more forgiving and have more hold in the tube; the fin placement, too, deviates from the larger FM’s in being placed farther out to the rails - this will accommodate more setups to suit whatever flavor twin/zer fins you like, as well as let the board wrap tighter with a less perfect technique o your end.