9'6 Parlementia Hull

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Clear lamination starting price:

Up to 8'0 - $1800

8'1 to 9'0 - $1995

9'0 - 9'6 - $2500

10ft + - $2900

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All orders will be Handshaped by Tristan at the factory.

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A 9'6 Hull gun for Parlementia, a second variation of that design, maybe the good one. That variation is more guny. I have strectchened the outline, and made it narrower, 21 3/4 wide, the wide point is located on the middle of the surfboard, it's also the point where the belly vee on the bottom softly stop and change to a flat bottom shape, the belly vee is then pretty deep on the front part of the surfboard. With 3 3/4 thick the low rails are soft and thick, but softly tappered to get a pinchee entry. The rocker is a bit more pronounced on the nose and the tail get a little kick, but the middle part of the surfboard's rocker get flat and moderated for a maximum glide. the Wedge stringer is supposed to give more weight on the nose and help to "fall" in the wave easily, and to keep the nose stable. As it's a board specially made for the wave of Parlementia which is fat and slow, a wave with amplitude, so a board made for big take off and long bottom turn. The goal of that board isn't to get the property of a classic point break's displacement hull, but to keep that deep bottom connection to the surface with the belly and to keep the special smooth feeling of a hull on that big wide wave. The fin is a test and i designed it with the help of my good friend Jean Penninck during a late night at the factory, for that special board we got inspired between the Tom Blake's skeg or the Pat Curren's gun fins but with a touch of "Greenough" and a bit of Wayne Lynch's keel fin. The 6 1/2 inches deep will hold enough that super narrow tail and drag less water on the take off, but we add a super wide base to lock the board during the turns. The first 2 inches of the fin is flex but quickly become wide so might stay away from vibrations. The front part of the fin is thick and round. Heavy glass job of course.