EXH Hull

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Clear lamination starting price:

Up to 8'0 - $1800

8'1 to 9'0 - $1995

9'0 - 9'6 - $2500

10ft + - $2900

How to order

All orders will be Handshaped by Tristan at the factory.

To get your custom order through, send us an email at store@rhinolaminating.com.

We will get back to discuss dimensions, glassing, fins or any questions you may have.

$600 Deposit will be required to confirm the order.

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The EXH Hull for Extreme Hull, is a tribute of the Paul Gross hulls and early 70'S hulls. Extremely foiled, thin, super low tail rocker and extremely light for an emphasis on the lift. The belly vee is deep and almost until the fin part. The part behind the fin get flat for a good water release.
The super super thin rails maintain the board in the hollowest part of the wave and give an extreme sensitive glide, the combination of deep belly (for lift) + thin rails+ low tail rocker, generate high speed. This board is a unique object glassed super light and so very fragile, made for being surfed around 20 times, only in good surf (2 times a year for 10 years). Really need a super hollow mid size wave, hard to turn, this is a board for long fast trim. The outline is a classic hull's outline. That project is born thanks to Ryan Lovelace who showed me a personal Paul Gross hull from the 80's, the board were super super foiled, and the rails extremely thin, like a blade! that board were glassed with one layer of 2OZ on the bottom and one layer of 2OZ on the top, super light weight, made for being surfed 10 times! that board blowed my mind, and the EXH Hull is the product of all the hours i spent on watching and studying that Paul Gross hull. Made one for myself, tried it and here is the result. For me it's the essence of the hull design. A combo of pure, radius lines, and violent foil at the time.

Recommended length: from 7'0 to 7'8

Recommended fin: GG thin tip 9'75