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7’8” x 22” x 3” 53.55L

The first FM that REALLY clicked was a 7’8 - the first trial being 8’6 and with a clunky nose outline. Once it was realized how capable the general theory was, the length shrank a foot and the nose was sleeked out - everything fell into place in the first sessions and the FM was born. Its only natural we should offer the design at that length; super well balanced and tuned for average to fun waves, with a pension for being put on rail and pushed hard like any other FM, this version will cover a lot of ground for many people. Most surfers tend to imagine smaller versions when they see an image of the design at first, but the point behind the entire design and what makes it so unique underfoot, is its ability to be ridden large while feeling MUCH smaller. All of the engineering behind the board is aimed at making large dimensions go on rail with power and positivity with very little effort; so don’t be afraid of a little more size than you think!

”This particular file was created for me by Alan Tranbarger, traced out from a custom I shaped for him. It was pretty clear that this was a perfect variation for a really wide variety of people, directly in line with the ideals of the design and really nicely balanced for a wide variety of waves. Alan is an experienced and passionate surfer as well as ex-pro skateboarder who operates Kauai Shape Solutions, his CNC cutting service - the situation was all too perfect, so Alan was kind enough to trace out his board for us and here she is!” - Ryan