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9’10” x 23 1/4” x 3 3/8” 89.2L

Large for sure, definitely not ugly; her namesake is the instagram handle of a dear friend, Bill Martin (@GordoYFeo). Bill is father to one of Ryan’s closest friends, Bradley, and had this 9’10 shaped a number of years back - We chose it to scan specifically because of its overall balance and feel, the outline is one that been in constant rotation for the last ten years. Its a large board dimensionally but is nicely foiled and doesn’t carry any excess bulk. The overall rocker curve as well as a light concave up front accommodates noseriding nicely but doesn’t focus the board specifically for tip-time alone, it has plenty of curve in the hips to keep it active and carving from the back. A healthy roll through the mid-section and rolled vee just ahead of the fin makes it happy to go onto rail or stick into trim mid-face; these things love a fun beachbreak with multiple speed sections to explore.

I’m of the mind that noseriding is a thing that should be done in the right part of the right wave, not so much a whenever-wherever thing. So bearing that in mind, even my ‘noseriders’ aren’t generally big planky or parallel-outlined tanks that let you walk all over them on a mushburger or way out on the shoulder. My approach is usually more tame, in that I’ll tweak the tail rocker out, push the nose a tad wider without going overboard, and make sure the tail end is tuned nicely for stalling vs. top end speed. While I’m not a career log-shaper, I do think this approach has netted some really sweet boards and I know they’ve made plenty of people in my rolodex happy, so I elected Bill’s board to fly the flag for LM here as the first log on offer.