Mike Hull Peterson

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Clear lamination starting price:

Up to 8'0 - $1800

8'1 to 9'0 - $1995

9'0 - 9'6 - $2500

10ft + - $2900

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All orders will be Handshaped by Tristan at the factory.

To get your custom order through, send us an email at store@rhinolaminating.com.

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$600 Deposit will be required to confirm the order.

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7’6 x 20 1/2 x 3

Super soft hull based on Michael Peterson stubby. Soft hull entry to flat to vee on the fin area and flat behind the fin. Fin template is based from one of Sean Tully old fins he has in his fin collection. Fin is further back, soft rails and contemporary rockers. Board is really easy and natural to surf. Less character than an extreme classic hull but one of the easiest hull I have made and surfed.