SateLite 5'8

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This is Will's file - the 5'8 size is his exact board replicated from his file, but flipped one way or the other for regular or goofy footers (ride the longer side on your toe side regardless if you're front or backside to the wave face).  This is a lower volume shortboard, the toe-side has very foiled rails to penetrate the wave face and generate down the line speed, while the heel side is slightly more 'golf-ball' shaped and using less hard edge to up the forgiveness and harness all the speed your toe-side generates.  

5'8" x 18 3/16" x 2 7/16" 26.67 L

Another model based in experiments for William Aliotti - SateLite takes my asymm design approach and delivers it into a more back-foot driven board that is happy to go vertical. In the 2023 season it has proven it to be an incredibly useful weapon in a travel quiver from tropical reefs to South American Slabs, Skeleton bay and beyond..

The SateLite has a distinct spiral vee/double concave section in the back end which keeps it loose and off the back foot; The toe side sports a long flat panel for skate and speed. A pretty deep single concave runs down the center in the chest area for paddle and planing speed.

The rounder, softer heel side is shaped to take all the speed that is generated on the quicker, straighter toe side and harness it. The fins being offset keeps the heel side directly underfoot, while keeping distance from your toes for speed generation - once you find the right spot for your back foot you’ll find the magic of this setup.

Available in Goofy and Regular versions.