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Love Machine Surfboards TWRP 6'2 x 18 1/2 x 2 11/16 32.2L

Pronounce it TWERP if you like.

The WRP (Winged Round Pin) is a long-time secret-menu-item in the Lovelace quiver. This twin fin (T) version is the most recent update to the design with changes in the bottom shape and fin placement most notably; with a vee-single-spiral-vee-flat bottom. First shaped for Hawai'i's Bryce Baker and slowly trickled out to the crew - New Jersey's Phil Browne, and Northern California's Darshan Gooch both tested the design in their back yards and reviews all came back the same: Connected, smooth and very trustworthy in the tube.

The TWRP is an extremely reliable travel and better wave board - Buttery smooth in the tube, powerful on-rail and loose into the lip, the TWRP is an absolute weapon and will prove itself a staple in your quiver.