Will's Fish 5'6

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5’6” x 19 1/2” x 2 1/4” 30.28L

After a handful years on the 5’3, William requested a stretched out variation of the same design for surfing even tighter in the pocket, as well as pushing into more and more critical waves. Comparatively, its got a little more rocker nose to tail, its narrower through the widepoint and slightly more refined in the rail shape; A light double concave section flows through the transition from single to vee - right ahead of your back foot to make the board even quicker rail to rail. Essentially a sleeked out variation compared to its brothership, and fills the gap nicely between the 5’3 and 5’9 that we offer.

”I knew William would click with this board but I wasn’t ready for exactly what he would do with it.. I’ve woken up to text messages of his from all over the world of the wildest waves on this thing - from dumpy air sections in France to absolutely draining G-Land all the way to massive tow-ins at Nazare, it just doesn’t make sense what he does on it so I knew I had to slide it into the stack for LoveMachine.” -Ryan