Rhino Laminating Journal

  • Simon Anderson Surfboards

    Simon Anderson Surfboards

    Simon Anderson is an iconic Australian surfboard shaper, designer and surfer, credited with the invention of the modern thruster. Simon gravitated to North Narrabeen in ’69, to a culture of hardcore surfing with a strong link to board manufacturing at nearby Brookvale.
  • Maurice Cole Surfboards

    Maurice Cole Surfboards

    "The first time I encountered Maurice was surfing a place in Victoria I won’t name. I’d never seen him before, which surprised me as I watched. I always remember his style was really nice, he was a really natural sort of surfer.
  • Campbell Brothers Bonzer surfboard models

    Campbell Brothers

    The Bonzer is the archetype of the modern surfboard. It was the first standardized tri-fin surfboard (Dec. 1970).